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Take Away Menu

Food Allergies & Intolerances: Before you order your food, please speak to a member of staff if you have any food allergy or intolerance.

Appetizers Soups Duck
Chef's Special 'XO Chilli Sauce Seafood Chicken
Meat Vegetables and Beancurd* Vegetarian Mock Meat Dishes*
Curry Dishes Noodle & Rice Desserts
Side Dishes Set Meals


Free Home Delivery within PO1, PO4, PO5 on orders over £25. Minimum delivery orders of £15 will incur a charge of £2.00.
Free Home Delivery within PO2, PO3 on orders over £30. Minimum delivery orders of £15 will incur a charge of £3.00.


Free Home Delivery on orders over £15

Our delivery driver can accept payment by credit/debit card (chip & pin only)

Seven days a week between 6pm - 11pm.

Telephone: 023 9282 6880

All dishes can be modified to cater for vegetarian & gluten free diet at no extra cost

v Noble House Combination of Vegetarian Hors d'Oeuvres
(5 varieties)
  Noble House Combination of Hot Hor d'Oeuvres
(5 varieties)(minimum 2 portions)(per person)
  Noble House Combination of Mixed Seafood Hors d'Oeuvres
(5 varieties)(minimum 2 portions)(per person)
  Crispy "Mongolian" Lamb
(lamb marinated throughout in gentle spices, deep fried and served with iceberg lettuce & plum sauce)
  Crab Claws Stuffed with Minced Prawns (2 pieces) £5.50
  Smoked Chicken "Szechuan Style" (served with garlic & chilli) £4.95
  Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic, Salt & Pepper (6 pieces) £4.45
  Prawn Crackers £2.00
  "Butterfly King Prawns" in Breadcrumbs (5 pieces) £4.95
  Lettuce Wrap (minced chicken with bamboo shoots wrapped in lettuce) £5.95
  Satay of Chicken or Beef (3 skewers) £4.95
  Sesame Prawn Canapes (mashed prawns on toast dusted with sesame seeds) £3.95
  Deep Fried Crispy Wun Tun (with sweet & sour sauce) £3.95
v Fried Crispy Seaweed (deep fried spring greens) £2.50
  Grilled Pork Dumplings "Peking Style" (4 pieces) £5.95
v Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls (6 pieces)(with sweet & Sour sauce) £2.95
Steamed Fresh Scallops in Shell
  Mussels in Shells with Black Bean & Garlic Sauce (8 pieces) £5.95
  Steamed King Prawns in Shell (with spicy soy sauce)(6 pieces) £5.95
  Deep Fried King Prawns (served with sweet & sour sauce) (6 pieces) £5.95
  Deep Fried Garlic, Salt & Pepper Squid £5.95
  Barbecued Spare Ribs (with sweet & sour sauce) £3.95
  Satay of King Prawns (3 skewers) £6.50
  Whole King Prawns in Crispy Pancake Roll(served with sweet & sour sauce) (5 pieces) £5.95
v Deep Fried Beancurd £3.95
v Deep Fried Crispy Vegetarian Wun Tun £3.95
v Mock Chicken Satay (3 skewers) £4.95
v Deep Fried Garlic Salt & Pepper Beancurd £4.95
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  Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup £4.00
  Shredded Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup £4.00
  Hot & Sour Soup "Szechuan Style" £4.50
  Seafood & Beancurd Soup £4.50
  Chicken & Mushroom Clear Soup £4.00
  Minced Beef Blended with Egg White Broth £4.50
v Beancurd & Vegetable Soup £4.00
  Pork Wun Tun Consomme £4.50
v Mushroom & Sweet Corn Soup £4.00
v Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup £4.00
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Crispy Aromatic Duck or *Vegetarian Mock Duck
(with Pancakes, Spring Onion, Cucumber & Hoy Sin Sauce)
  Roast Duck "Cantonese Style" £5.95
  Saute Duck Meat with Ginger & Pineapple £5.95
  Sliced Duck with Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots £5.95
  Sliced Duck with Pineapple £5.95
  Sliced Duck with Lemon Sauce £5.95
  Duck with Plum Sauce £5.95
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  Chef's Special 'XO Chilli Sauce  
  Chicken £5.45
  Beef Fillet £7.00
  King Prawn £6.00
  3 Kinds of Sea Delicacies £6.00
  Scallops £6.00
  Squid £5.45
  Saute Mange Tout £4.95
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  Steamed Fillet of Salmon(with ginger & spring onion or black bean sauce) £12.00
  Crab meat with Straw Mushrooms £5.95
  "Sea Spice" King Prawns £5.95
  King Prawns and Cashew Nuts £5.95
  Quick Fried Three Kinds of Seafood £5.95
  Prawns "Szechuan Style" £5.95
  King Prawns with Mushrooms £5.95
  King Prawns with Mange Tout £5.95
  Sweet and Sour King Prawns £5.95
  King Prawns with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce £5.95
  King Prawns with Ginger and Spiced Onion £5.95
  Fried Squid with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce £5.45
  Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables £5.95
  Sweet and Sour Fish (Boneless) £5.95
  Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce £5.95
  "Kung Pow" Chilli King Prawns £5.95
  Mixed Seafood with Seasonal Vegetables £5.95
  Scallops with Mange Trout £5.95
  King Prawns with Broccoli £5.95
  Mixed Seafood Fried with Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots £5.95
  Chilli King Prawns in Hot and Garlic Sauce £5.95
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  Chicken in Satay Sauce £5.15
  Diced Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce £5.45
  Chicken with Pineapple and Onion £5.15
  Chicken in Lemon Sauce £5.45
  Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts £5.45
  "Kung Po" Chilli Chicken £5.45
  Chicken with Sweet and Sour Hong Kong Style £5.45
  Chicken with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce £5.15
  Diced Chicken "Szechuan Style" £5.15
  Diced Chicken with Mushrooms £5.15
  "Sea Spice" Chicken £5.15
  Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion £5.15
  Chicken in Mandarin Sauce £5.15
  Chilli Chicken in Hot and Garlic Sauce £5.15
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  Shredded Chilli Beef "Szechuan Style" £5.95
  Beef with Mushrooms £5.15
  Beef with Seasonal Vegetables £5.15
  Sauté Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce £5.15
  Shredded Beef and Onion and Ginger £5.15
  Beef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce £5.15
  Sweet and Sour Pork £5.95
  Spare Ribs in Spicy Salt and Chilli £5.45
  Diced Pork with Cashew Nuts £5.45
  Roast Pork Cantonese Style £5.45
  Stir-fried Fillet of Pork and Yellow Bean Sauce £5.45
  Sliced Beef in Satay Sauce £5.15
  Lamb Slices "Szechuan Style" £5.45
  Beef "Cantonese Style" £5.15
  Fillet of Beef in Black Pepper Sauce £7.00
  Mandarin Fillet of Beef £7.00
  Lamb Slices with Ginger and Spiced Onion £5.45
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  Vegetables and Beancurd*  
v Beancurd in Oyster Sauce £4.45
v Stir Fried Chinese Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots £4.45
v "Sea Spice" Aubergines (egg plant) £5.95
v Fried Mange Tout "Szechuan Style" £4.45
v Four Season Vegetables £4.45
v Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables £3.95
v Stir Fried Beansprouts £3.45
v Sweet and Sour Mushrooms £4.45
v Saute Mange Tout with Oyster Sauce £4.45
v Saute Chinese Seasonal Vegetables with Oyster Sauce £4.45
v Beancurd with Seasonal Vegetables £4.45
v Beancurd with Ginger and Spring Onion £4.45
v "Kung Po" Chilli Mushrooms £4.45
v Beancurd with Sweet and Sour Sauce £4.45
v Stir Fried Aubergine in Black Bean Sauce £5.95
v Monks Vegetable £4.95
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  Vegetarian Mock Meat Dishes* (Ingredients: Fried gluten, vegetable oil, sugar, salt & soy sauce)  
v Vegetarian Aromatic Mock Duck with Pancakes & Salad £8.00
v Vegetarian Mock Pork in Yellow Bean Sauce £5.15
v Vegetarian Mock Abalone in Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce £5.15
v Vegetarian Mock Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion £5.15
v Vegetarian Mock Pork with Cashew Nuts £5.15
v "Kung Po" Chilli Mock Chicken £5.15
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  Curry Dishes  
  Prawn £5.95
  Chicken £5.45
  Beef £5.45
v Vegetable £4.95
  House Special £5.95
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  Noodle & Rice  
  Vermicelli Noodles "Singapore Style" (curry flavour) £5.45
  Vermicelli Noodles "Mandarin Style" (sweet & sour flavour) £5.45
  "Noble House" Special Fried Rice or Noodles £5.45
  Chicken or Beef with Crispy Noodles £5.45
  Fried Noodles with Shredded Pork £5.45
  Young Chow Fried Rice £5.45
  King Prawn or Mixed Seafood with Crispy Noodles £5.95
v Mushrooms with Crispy Noodles £4.95
v Fried Noodles with Beansprouts £3.95
v Egg & Fried Rice £3.00
  Beef or Chicken Chow Mein £6.95
  Beef or Chicken Fried Rice £6.95
v Steamed Rice £2.50
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  House Desserts  
  Toffee Apple / Banana (minimum 2 portions) Per portion £4.45
  Banana or Pineapple Fritters (with ice cream £1 extra) £3.95
  Lychees £2.95
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  Side Dishes  
  Chips £1.95
  Curry Sauce £1.95
  Sweet and Sour Sauce £1.95
  BBQ Sauce £1.95
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Set Meals
A - FOR 2 PERSONS - £15.50
Spring Rolls (4)
Sweet and Sour Pork
Beef with Greens and Oyster Sauce
Egg Fried Rice
B - FOR 2 PERSONS - £15.50
Barbeque Spare Ribs (4)
Beef with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce
Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Egg Fried Rice
C - FOR 3 PERSONS - £26.00
Fried Crispy Seaweed
Satay of Chicken (3)
King Prawns with Cashew Nuts
Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Beef with Mushroom
Egg Fried Rice
D - FOR 4 PERSONS - £38.00
Fried Crispy Seaweed
Barbeque Spare Ribs (4)
Satay of Chicken (4)
Beef with Greens in Oyster Sauce
"Kung Po" Chilli Sauce
Chicken with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce
Mixed Vegetables
Young Chow Fried Rice(2)
E - FOR 4 PERSONS - £39.95
Barbeque Spare Ribs (4)
Crispy Seaweed
Spring Rolls (8)
Butterfly King Prawn(4)
King Prawns with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce
Mandarin Fillet of Beef
Chicken "Szechuan Style"
Young Chow Fried Rice(2)
Mixed Vegetables
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